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About Basheer Dessigns


Basheer Dessigns Incorporated is one of the leading architectural company established in 2007 with B. Riaz Ahamed as the Principal Architect.

His triple commitment to the client on quality, cost and time ensures that the clients realize their dreams and aspirations with timeless regional forms. He seeks design solution that are sit sensitive and responsive to the surrounding environmental and climatic concerns and expressive in its use of materials.

Accuracy maintained with a well planned project management work schedule is the specialist factor which ensures completion and handover of the projects to the client on time, every time.

Throughout his career, he has consistently maintained high standards in design and his healthy management structure enables his colleagues to operate with maximum efficiency and innovation. His ’eye for detail’ has made all his designs excel, which has been appreciated by his clients, consultants and builders alike. He has worked with MNC’s, government organizations and NRI’s on varied projects. He represents architectural innovation, technology and sustainable design.

Mission, Design Philosophy & Sustainability


Create enduring architectural splendors in perfect harmony with the environment that each & every project is set in while adopting features that will be climatically responsive, sustainable and energy efficient.

Making an architectural statement without compromising on our identity and professional integrity.

Providing most creative, innovative and inspiring architectural solution in response to client's brief thus transforming their dream into reality.

Assist in widening the imagination of the client through state of the art skilled professional presentation.


Environment responsive design is a process that is harmonius with the environment which will reduce negative impacts on the environment and health of the occupants, without compromising innovative creation. Such an integrated approach positively impacts all phases of building's life cycle, including design, construction and execution.

We are dedicated to a humanistic, socially responsible and technologically sophisticated vision of design. Every project, whether residential or commercial is thoughtfully designed with an emphasis on reduced energy consumption, project foot print and sustainability.

The firm's design concept spins around Green Building technology which is not only essential to our environment but easily attainable with the technology available today. Designing structures with reclaimed wood, steel, non-toxic paints, glass and recycled materials are now easily accessible and the design benefits while adhering to the mission and function of the intended facility. Building design through environmental response, functionalism. cost effectiveness and a commitment have remained critical issues in developing sustainable buildings. We bring this commitment to all the projects. The firm's team of energetic and innovative design professionals welcomes the opportunity to help realize the potential of their environment.


"Striving to create innovative architecture using state-of-the-art technology and live in harmony with nature"

We strongly believe that architecture is an art of composing spaces in response to existing environmental and urban conditions as an answer to client's needs.

We strive to achieve sculptural forms and spaces, with suprise, light filled atmospheres and complementary juxtapositions of textures, colors and materials.

Our Services

Project Inception

The planning of your project starts here. Working together with your architect, you will share your project needs, dreams and goals.

Schematic Design

During this stage your architect will begin by preparing preliminary design sketches based on your requirements and budget to explore and illustrate possible options. The architect will review these options with you, pointing out the merits and responding to your input.

Design Development

This stage refines the agreed upon schematic design for a clearer definition of the scope and quality of the finished project. Further cost projections will determine how closely the design conforms to the budget expectations, or what, if any, adjustments are required.

Construction Documents

When the design concepts have been decided, the architect prepares working drawings and specifications. These are required to obtain building permits and bids, and to guide the contractor in construction.

Bidding and Negotiation

Your architect can advise you on your choice of contractor – usually done by calling for competitive bids. Your architect will help evaluate the bids and select the contractor, and prepare the contract between you and the contractor.


Your architect will consult with you and advise you during construction. On-site visits will determine if construction is proceeding in general accordance with the contract, and that the design, materials, and workmanship meet with acceptable standards.


Riaz Ahamed - Principal Architect

Riaz Ahamed

Principal Architect

Graduated from University of Madras in 1997 and from Ryerson University Canada 2002. This rich experience spans for more than twenty one (21) years in India and abroad (Canada). He has covered a niche for himself in the field of Architecture, Interior Design and Project Management Consultancy services across South India. He is a member of Council of Architecture in India and is accredited with the Fellowship of Indian Institute of Architects and Ontario Association of Architects, Ontario Canada.

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